Price List

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2.5" Hard DrivesBack to Top
240GB Solid State Drive£54.00
3.5" Hard DrivesBack to Top
Audio CablesBack to Top
1M 3.5mm to 3.5MM Stereo Jack£3.00
2M 3.5mm to 3.5MM Stereo Jack£5.00
3M 3.5mm Stereo Jack to 2 Phono Lead£5.00
5M 3.5mm Stereo Jack to 2 Phono Lead£6.00
10M 3.5mm Stereo Jack to 2 Phono Lead£8.00
Backup DevicesBack to Top
4 Slot Card Reader£8.00
Bluetooth & USB ProductsBack to Top
Mini USB 2.0 Bluetooth Adapter£4.00
4 Port USB Hub£8.00
7 Port USB Hub£12.00
Case FansBack to Top
40mm Case Fan£6.00
60mm Case Fan£6.00
80mm Case Fan£6.00
92mm Case Fan£6.00
120mm Case Fan£6.00
Controller CardsBack to Top
Belkin 4+1 Port PCI USB 2.0 Card£8.00
5 Port PCI USB 2.0 Card£8.00
3 Port PCI Firewire Card£12.00
2 Port Serial RS232 Com Port PCI Card£12.00
4 Port USB 2.0 Express Card£12.00
PCI Serial ATA Controller Card 2 Port£16.00
PCI Express USB 3.0 4 External Ports£20.00
PCI Serial ATA Controller Card 4 Port£22.00
Ethernet CablesBack to Top
1M Patch Cable£3.00
2M Patch Cable£3.50
3M Patch Cable£4.00
5M Patch Cable£5.00
10M Patch Cable£6.00
15M Patch Cable£8.00
20M Patch Cable£10.00
30M Patch Cable£18.00
40M Patch Cable£24.00
50M Patch Cable£28.00
1M Crossover Cable£3.50
2M Crossover Cable£4.00
3M Crossover Cable£4.50
5M Crossover Cable£5.50
10M Crossover Cable£6.50
20M Crossover Cable£10.50
RJ45 Extenders£4.00
External Hard Drive EnclosuresBack to Top
2.5" - 3.5" SSD/HDD Adapter (To Fit in 3.5" Bay)£6.00
2.5" Sata Hard Drive Enclosure£12.00
3.5" Sata Hard Drive Enclosure£32.00
External Hard DrivesBack to Top
1TB Portable Hard Drive£58.00
Firewire CablesBack to Top
2M 6pin to 4 pin Cable£6.00
2M 6pin to 6pin Cable£6.00
2M 4pin to 4pin Cable£6.00
Graphics CardsBack to Top
Geforce GT 610 1GB£32.00
Geforce GT 710 1GB£44.00
Geforce GT 730 1GB£64.00
Headsets & MicrophonesBack to Top
3.5mm Dynamode Headset£12.00
USB Dynamode Headset£16.00
Philips Earphones£14.00
Keyboard & Mouse SetsBack to Top
Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo£20.00
KeyboardsBack to Top
USB Keyboard£8.00
USB Gaming Keyboard£8.00
Laptop MemoryBack to Top
DDR2 2GB£38.00
DDR3 2GB£22.00
DDR3 4GB£38.00
DDR3 8GB£68.00
DDR4 4GB£34.00
DDR4 8GB£62.00
MiceBack to Top
USB Mouse£6.00
USB Gaming Mouse£14.00
Wireless Mouse£12.00
Monitor CablesBack to Top
1M VGA Cable£6.00
1.8M VGA Cable£8.00
3M VGA Cable£12.00
5M VGA Cable£16.00
10M VGA Cable£20.00
15M VGA Cable£26.00
1M HDMI Cable£6.00
1.5M HDMI Cable£8.00
3M HDMI Cable£12.00
5M HDMI Cable£16.00
10M HDMI Cable£30.00
15M HDMI Cable£40.00
20M HDMI Cable£50.00
2M VGA Male to Female Extension£8.00
10M VGA Male to Female Extension£20.00
DVI to VGA Adapter£6.00
Display Port to VGA Adapter£10.00
Display Port to HDMI Adapter£10.00
MAC Mini DVI to HDMI Cable£10.00
2M DVI to HDMI Cable£14.00
Networking SwitchesBack to Top
Tenda 5 Port Desktop Switch£12.00
TP Link 8 Port Desktop Switch£18.00
Optical DrivesBack to Top
Sata Laptop Slot Read£46.00
Sata Laptop£22.00
Sata Tower£20.00
External USB DVD-RW£30.00
Power CablesBack to Top
4 Pin Molex Internal Power Y Splitter£2.00
2M C5 > 3 Pin Clover Leaf UK PLug£4.00
Akasa 4 Pin to 6 Pin PCI Express Power Adapter£4.00
6 to 8 Pin PCI Express Power Adapter£6.00
4 pin to 8 Pin EPS ATX Power Adaptor£8.00
Power Supply UnitsBack to Top
500W PSU£18.00
650W PSU£22.00
750W PSU£30.00
Processor CoolersBack to Top
Spire AMD Socket AM3, AM2, 754, 939 Heatsink & Fan£8.00
Intel Socket 1366 Core i7 Nahelem CPU upto i7-965£8.00
Spire Quadraflow IX SP520S0-1 Socket 775£10.00
Spire SP-537S7 Cloudsat - Socket 775 1366 1155 1156£12.00
Akasa AK675-S - Socket 478£12.00
Akasa AK-786 K7 - Socket A£12.00
Akasa K32 CPU Cooler - Socket 775, 1155, 1156£14.00
Akasa AK-865 - Socket 754, 939, 940, AM2£12.00
Sata CablesBack to Top
Sata Data Cable£2.00
Sata Power Cable£2.00
SD CardsBack to Top
8GB Micro SD With Adapter£8.00
16GB Micro SD With Adapter£16.00
32GB Micro SD With Adapter£20.00
64GB Micro SD With Adapter£30.00
SoftwareBack to Top
Windows 10 Home£118.00
Windows 10 Pro£166.00
SpeakersBack to Top
Genius Speakers USB Powered£8.00
Bluetooth Speaker£8.00
Thermal PasteBack to Top
1.5 Gram Tube£6.00
5 Gram Tube£14.00
Tower MemoryBack to Top
DDR2 2GB£38.00
DDR3 2GB£30.00
DDR3 4GB£44.00
DDR3 8GB£78.00
DDR4 4GB£52.00
DDR4 8GB£90.00
DDR4 16GB£168.00
USB CablesBack to Top
30 Pin Cable£6.00
USB Lightning Cable£8.00
1M A to B Cable£4.00
1.8M A to B Cable£6.00
3M A to B Cable£8.00
5M A to B Cable£10.00
1M USB 2.0 Extension Cable£4.00
2M USB 3.0 Extenstion Cable£8.00
3M USB 2.0 Extension Cable£8.00
5M USB 2.0 Extension Cable£10.00
1.8M USB A to A Cable£6.00
5M USB A to A Cable£10.00
10cm USB Extension Cable - Male to female£2.00
2M USB 2.0 A to Mini B Cable£6.00
1.8M USB 2.0 A to Micro B Cable£6.00
2M USB 3.0 A to Micro B Cable£10.00
USB Flash DrivesBack to Top
32GB USB Drive£16.00
64GB USB Drive£20.00
128GB USB Drive£45.00
WebcamsBack to Top
Dynamode USB Webcam£10.00
TP Link IP Camera£50.00
Wireless Network AdaptersBack to Top
USB Wireless£14.00
TP-Link PCI Wireless Card£22.00
Tenda PCI Express Wireless Card£16.00
TP-Link PCI Express Dual Band Wireless Card£42.00
Wireless Routers & Range ExtendersBack to Top
TP Link Cable Router£28.00
TP Link Home Plugs£38.00
TP Link Wireless Range Extender£28.00
TP Link ADSL2+ Router£40.00
TP Link Dual Band Wireless Range Extender£38.00
AC1200 Dual Band Cable Router£48.00
TP Link PoE Injector£32.00
TP Link PoE Splitter£18.00